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Baza is the capital town of the Baza region of Southern Spain, which is part of the Andalusian province of Granada. The town of Baza is well situated, nestling in the mountains just half an hour's drive from the coast and 107 kilometres (65 miles) from the town of Granada. Visitors to this beautiful corner of Spain will find plenty of things to see and do - with plenty of villa properties both for sale or rent. The area is steeped in history with Moorish and other multi-cultural influences clearly visible in the main towns.
Things to do in Baza
The town of Baza was founded by Roman Iberians in the 4th century B.C. when it was known as Basti. The town features narrow winding streets and many ancient buildings including the remains of two necropoli and the Arabic baths (BaƱos Arabes). The municipal museum contains the stunning Lady of Baza (la Dama de Baza) an ancient Iberian limestone figure which was discovered in Baza in 1971. During Moorish times, Baza was an important frontier post on the border of the kingdom of Murcia. The nearest train station to Baza is in Guadix, 48 kilometres (30 miles) to the West. There are many bus services running between Baza and the surrounding towns including a regular service to Granada.
Things to do around Baza
Granada - this vibrant city is home to the historic Al Hambra - the Moorish 'Red Fortress' a citadel and 'palace of a thousand marvels' containing breathtaking Islamic art and architecture.

Negratin Reservoir- the largest lake in Andalusia - surrounded by spectacular mountains there is plenty to do and see here including, sailing, fishing and windsurfing.

The Sierra de Baza - A stunning national park containing many varieties of plant and animal species - including golden eagles, kestrels, roe deer, wild boars and the rare and beautiful Baza butterfly - which is unique to this particular region of Spain.

The Sierra Nevada - A stunning ski resort - with cable cars and mountain trails - the slopes are bathed in constant sunlight during the winter months.

The Desert - Hire a 4x4 vehicle and spend a day adventuring in this incredible landscape - from sea to mountains, snow to desert, this incredible region of Spain really does have it all.
Accommodation and Leisure
Baza boasts many beautiful hotels and villas to rent for that perfect sunshine holiday - and if you are really taken with the area you will be surprised at the amount of delightful rural properties for sale - both new homes and older buildings for renovation, businesses and land can be located within a few clicks on the internet for those of you seeking a better life in the sunshine.

Spanish golfing holidays are becoming increasingly popular - the two closest golf courses to Baza are both excellent - La Envia uses the natural contours of the land to make a challenging course, whilst the Playa Serena course is contained
in beautiful parkland close to the coast.
Did you know?
Baza isn't just a place in Spain - it's also a type of bird - there
are four varieties of Baza hawk - the Pacific Baza, Jerdon's
Baza, the Madagsacar Baza and the Black Baza.

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